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1000 Houses

Differentiated pattern system for a social housing project in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Date                        2016

Location                  Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Type                        Competition

Program                  Housing

Project team           Santiago Miret, Melisa Brieva and Federico Meninchetti

The project organizes a modular system of parallel bars. This allows an efficient and equitable distribution of the units and circulatory system for each consortium. In the open patios between bars, the semi-covered circulatory system and the accesses are positioned. It is sought through the optimization of circulatory and common spaces, to increase the expansions of each house so that each family can count on their private outdoor space. At the same time, this expansion of generous dimensions contemplates laundry washing and drying activities. Envelopes were studied in a way that in addition to granting their function of enclosure, they grant identity and interest to the whole in their relation with the urban space. The intention is to generate a formally clear and precise set, with its own image, in which the possibilities of each unit to access the best interior.

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