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Date                        2023

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Administrative building

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators         Antonella Canobas, Lautaro Román, Juan Cruz Sivi, y 

                                Facundo Haber

The project for the AHRCC Institutional Headquarters operates as a large urban coolant. Its envelope cools and keeps the façade ventilated, while the large patio in its center ensures that air always circulates while all levels receive natural light throughout the day. In addition, special emphasis is placed on most of the exterior (and interior, as in the case of the ground floor and access) horizontal surfaces having at least 10cm of absorbent surface with low planting, so that they are constantly kept moist. and fresh.

The façade presents a clear, serious institutional image, but at the same time modern and with clear signs of sustainability. Two flower beds are distributed across the different levels, generating a green façade, with the possibility of naturally ventilating all levels and generating areas with a great presence of nature, a key aspect in the new office buildings.

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