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Air Performer

Date                        2015

Location                 El Chalten, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Museum

Project team           Santiago Miret, Federico Meninchetti, Melisa Brieva and Luciano Brina

Illuminism gathers Architecture to establish a continuity with the Classic, which conceptually implies the possibility and the necessity to control nature. By means of mathematics, men found itself capable of dominating the vast and indomitable natural landscape. Since medieval fortified cities, through 17th century French palaces, to Palladian villas, Architecture has served as conqueror refugee upon the savage, overflowing natural realm.


The project establishes a connection with nature by merging itself into it and reinterpreting the invisible strata of natural phenomena by making it tangible. It is no longer about contemplating nature from a crystal capsule, but to experience it. By means of an articulated stereo-structure, Air Performer modifies its form according to wind conditions, translating this phenomena into an experience of the individual over nature. This is about an experimental and phenomenological experiment that approximates to the notion of natural phenomena. In this case, the individual goes through the experience and crosses the natural event. Reflexes, shadows and movement are the outputs of a performative architectural system that focus on the capacity to translate into form what is formless, i.e. the wind.

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