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BA Pavilion

Active surface for the Buenos Aires border


Date                        2011

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Workshop

Program                  Pavilion

Project team           Santiago Miret, Federico Menichetti and Try Li

The project is an exhibition pavilion on the edge of the city of Buenos Aires that manages to generate the connection between the city and the river lost over time, all for means of parametric-digital design methodologies.


From the need to generate a connection between the river and the city of Buenos Aires, the building proposes an interface interaction through a canopy that overlaps with the programmatic border of the pier. The pavilion is intended for various uses and responds to a series of situations of affectation, regarding to the different needs and inquisitions of the urban and in close interaction with the river. The result is a matrix of abstract generation, adaptable and reconcilable with the user, in close connection with the edge of the city.

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