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Temporary installation and the rethinking of the dome for the Old City of Montevideo, Uruguay


Date                        2015

Location                 Montevideo, Uruguay.

Type:                       Workshop

Program                  Dome

Project design         Santiago Miret, Rodrigo Martin and Alejandro Schieda

Coordinator            Federico Lagomarsino

Project Team           Santiago Paez Revuelta, Elvis Marrero, Luis Blau, Alfredo Ghierra Goyen, Juliana Mansulino, Lucia Sosa, Lucia Borche, Lucía Lin, Lucía De Benedetti Trobo, Ignacio Silva, Fernando Foglino, Paulo Pereyra Luis Flores, Santiago Blau, Myriam Mónica Cervieri, Gabriela Barber Sarasola, GaBy Muniz, Marcelo Paysse, Fernando García Amen, Paola Carretto Frediani,Gonzalo Perez, Simone Cmmlt, Matias Yañez Bravo, Lea Villalba, Tania Pérez Mesones, María Calone Harotoun Chamlian, Federico Vaz, Juan Pablo Portillo Burghi, Ma Eugenia Ferreiro, Sebastian D’alto, Juanpi Martinez, Alcalde Carlos Varela, Fede Waldeck, Daniel Acerenza, Mola Mazo and Carlos Di Matteo

The process consisted of three stages: development of the theoretical concept and discussion of methodological and technical aspects depending on the nonlinearity-parasite relationship, testing and selection of the generative system, and fabrication and installation of the device in place. The device is based on the reformulation of a dome of the XX Century (now demolished) in the Old City of Montevideo, Uruguay. The manufacturing process was carried out by a CNC router and the installation of the device was conducted by major logistics.


The new inhabitant of the Old City of Montevideo is new and old at the same time. Contains in itself the latency of the classical dome, its tectonics and generative form, its directive and generatrices while proposing a new way to consolidate the auction of the classic building. It responds to a contemporary aesthetic, but this aesthetic emerges not from a mimetic stance towards an imaginary zeitgeist but rather with generative logics embedded in the notions of a classical dome while proposing a new use, a new function. A function associated with the social, the community and the urban transformation.

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