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City Reanimator

A skyscraper to rethink the post-apocalyptic scenario of a flooded world


Date                        2015

Location                 Athens, Greece

Type                        Competition

Program                  Skyscraper

Project team           Santiago Miret, Federico Meninchetti, Melisa Brieva and Luciano Brina

Disaster! The great polar ice masses had melted. The most important countries in the world did not take action and did not change the way they´ve been producing energy. Capital cities of the planet are flooded. Athens, New York, Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires and Rio are just a few examples of metropolis that are now underwater. Sustainability programs had failed, desperate measures came too late. Humanity and its history is now under the sea. 


The City Reanimator Project is an opportunity to recover the history, tradition and culture of cities. A diagrammatic generative process that interacts directly with urban morphological and geological substrates and traces, restoring commerce routes, traffic paths, historical places, told and untold stories of our eternal cities. City Reanimator is a new chance for humanity to regain history through a process that remaps circulation and built information from cities all around the globe and project them into the third dimension over the sea and beyond oblivion.

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