Sport Citadel


Date                        2019

Location                 Turin, Italy 

Type                        Competition

Program                  Sports

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborator         Guido Gernetti

The Sport Citadel in the area of ​​Turin, Italy, proposes a triple-tripartite interconnected system of high density. The centers where the circulations and sports tracks are linked, multiply in the two areas destined to the project, proliferating in different measures, from stadiums for 50,000 people, to residential buildings and hotels of 20mts in diameter. The tracks are intertwined, going up, down, going to one side and the other, cohesively entangling the whole, generating a multitude of views and different forms of experience, both from sports fields and tracks and from walkways and spectator seats.

The project organizes three types of stadiums, according to three types of track circuits. The stadiums operate as distribution centers for the tracks that, in turn, contain circulations that combine the whole according to three hierarchies: small, medium and large.

The first hierarchy groups large-scale sports. In the stadiums, soccer fields 11, rugby and American football. On the slopes, rowing, cycling and triathlon. The second hierarchy groups medium-scale sports. In the stadiums, tennis courts, basketball, handball and water polo. On the slopes, swimming, BMX and Mountain Bike. Finally, the third hierarchy groups smaller scale sports. In the stadiums, boxing, martial arts, artistic gymnastics, climbing and fencing. On the slopes, 5000 meters, 100 meters, marathon and cycling.

The two areas available for the project are fully occupied according to three sizes of stadiums and buildings of homes and hotels, so that all interstitium is covered by buildings. The super compact way to organize the three types of stadiums, build connectors that go up and down avoiding buildings and the same tracks, consolidating a dynamic air occupation. Both lands are connected by means of the tracks in height.

The project consists of 4 stadiums for large-scale sports, 11 stadiums for medium-scale sports and 30 stadiums for small-scale sports. In turn, the stadiums are connected by tracks for running sports at different levels, through structured bridges with continuous arches and multiple heights.

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