Venecia 2020


Date                        2019

Location                 Venecia, Italy 

Type                        Competition

Program                  Pavilion

Project team           Santiago Miret, Melisa Brieva and Federico Garrido

Argentine architecture in its early academic years in the XIX century, has been a field of discussion in which not only great builders, but also great artists congregated. 

The Barolo Palace brings together in its creator both figures, a designer whose imagination and skill crystallizes in complex and sublime geometric paths, which are materialized with the utmost rigor and precision. Its dome crystallizes and synthesizes the ascensional complexity of the organizational patterns of the palace. It is not a mere auction, but a gradual sophistication of the geometric and mathematical regulations of the work. The popular architectural theme of the support of a dome on a square base is explored by Mario Palanti through numerous expansion strategies and interconnected circular patterns. Thus, the dome of the Barolo Palace is a dome of domes, due to its condition of progressive roughness from four quadrants, to eight and even sixteen. The architectural elements not only reflect on this numerical condition, but also on the problem of the variable scale and the definition of the profiles so that they are readable several meters high. 

The definition of the dome is multiscale and relates styles, patterns and geometries with a high degree of sophistication. In Palanti the proportional compositional logic is not only a recipe to repeat but also the means by which the work explores disciplinary issues while building them. The abstract logics of the drawing have constructive logics embedded and vice versa.

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