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Suite n3

Continuous Differentiation of Potential Behaviors


Date                        2019

Location                 Undetermined 

Type                        Competition

Program                  Skyscraper

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators         Mariano Gaindez, Michel Hunziker, Celeste Mourad,

                                Florencia Feldsberg, Agustín Ros y Camila Gallardo

The behavior of the skyscraper is presented as the one that most aligns with the discipline autonomy. Nothing in his generation depends on a predetermined exterior, lacks transdisciplinary influences. Historically, architectural behaviors have responded to notions or demands referring to contextual constraints (orientation, local culture), humanists (users, customers), programmatic (purpose, internal organization). But the skyscraper tower escapes to these, that is to say, they do not condition their future, but, in any case, feed it; being its raison d'être its modality of differentiation in relation to another skyscraper.

The potential behaviors and its continuous differentiation is what determines the tower in its way of appearing, its style, its internal organization, its structure. All its internal systems (circulation, programmatic organization, services, supporting structure) are the outcome of its potential behavior. For skyscrapers, what determines its forms is how to differentiate itself from others of its kind. This is how the typology of skyscrapers appeal to exclusively disciplinary techniques to consolidate itself as such, being the contextual, cultural, programmatic or humanitarian discourses peripheral to their organization and behavior as an architectural model.

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