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Cute Hue


Date                        2019

Location                 Buenos Aires Argentina 

Type                        Competition

Program                  Mixed Use

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators         Inés Verna and Mateo López

The project emerges from the relationship between a building mass and a centralized matrix from the Centennial Pavilion, from which linear vectors emerge on and through which the programs and forms of the park will be deployed. The building, meandering, generates two spaces: one in the corner of the property and another internal, containing the Pavilion. The corner space is consolidated as a public square open to the city, while the internal space is a content area of the project which consolidates an open-air amphitheater.

The matrix is distorted by the building, constituting its internal modulation, generating partitions in the massiveness of the office building, which can be understood as internal subdivisions, which can be allocated to different tenants. While the houses, have a frank access from the nuclei of vertical circulation, either entering through the parking or downstairs. The matrix, which unfolds in the zero, builds paths that connect the fronts of the project directly with the Pavilion, crossing the nuclei of vertical circulation, the gastronomic premises and the double heights of the ground floor. Between these matricial paths, gardens of linear plantations are generated, which are verticalized in the facades of the building, generating green fronts and propitiating cooling instances of the façade.

The vegetation is deployed throughout the matrix, both at zero level and over the building, and is organized according to a sunning criterion based on a rigorous study of the solar incidence throughout the year, discriminating and interpolating the different weather stations. Thus, a system of 8 plant species populates the matrix, giving rise to the generation of higher plant density in the sectors with higher caloric incidence and plant species with more aerated foliage in the sectors where the solar incidence is low or zero.

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