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Good Lighthouse

A cultural building for Buenos Aires


Date                        2018

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Cultural Center

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collborators           Inés Verna and Roberto Quiñones

The building is structured as a central organization, whose programmatic core is the auditorium, and which, mediated by a circulatory bellows, deploys leisure and educational programs on the perimeter. The public programs of general access deploys in the outer ring of the ground floor, towards the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood, the access, the bar and the library, with semi-covered areas extend the programs to the exterior.

The exhibition areas, both covered and semi-covered, are located towards the Ecological Reserve. Located in the center of the building, the auditorium has a permeable perimeter enclosure system that can be opened expanding its spatiality, extending its interior to the spaces of the entrance hall, the library and the exhibition hall. This modality enhances the use of the auditorium and makes a dynamic space that supports multiple uses even more flexible and expandable.


The building generates series of expansions both on the ground floor and on the top floor. The expansions are understood as extensions of the quality of the interior space in semi-covered and uncovered spaces. In the case of the library, the expansion is the connection with the bar, giving the possibility of the appearance of a hybrid space where the activities of both programs can be integrated.

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