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InterActive EcoLogics

Multiactive strata for the new EcoPark at Buenos Aires


Date                        2016

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Type                        Competition

Program                  Park

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborator           Sofía Dominguez

The project operates according to three intricate systems in a series of associated behaviors. The first system consists of prototype domes that differentiate according to the pre-existing buildings in the park. The second is a circulatory system of paths that deploy pergolas and distribute activities according to delimitation sectors. Finally, the third system is the emergent one, as residual space between the paths and the buildings that, according to their disposition, area and proximity with other activities, will be updated as space for animals, as outdoor amphitheatres or as general recreational areas.


The project is based on a reorganization of the circulatory systems of the existing zoo, restructuring the way in which they recognize a spirit of leisure and recreation. The project preserves both the trees, pre-existing buildings, sculptures and lakes, restructuring the entire circulatory system giving it a reason for being and proposing a clear idea about the pre-existing infraestructure.

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