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Mexico Ex Airport

Landscape urbanism intervention for Mexico DF ex airport


Date                        2015

Location                 México DF, México

Type                        Competition

Program                  Metropolitan Park

Project team           Santiago Miret and Martín Ferraro

The project generates a topography that grows in elevation towards the center of the park, giving rise to a series of water accumulators in the form of lakes. The topography is affected, in addition, by its relation with the edges and the proximity to the main circulation roads within the land. All proposed interventions generate, in addition, a significant increase in the buildable perimeter, while reducing the visual impact of the built landscape.


The surrounding urban frames extend to the perimeter of the land, and through a series of superpositions, intersections, and scale operations, a new urban-built order emerges. This new order contains residential and commercial uses of medium and low density, with a building profile defined from an envelope of heights affected by the edge-center distance of the park.

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