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Mosul Mosque Complex


Date                        2021

Location                 Mosul, Iraq

Type                        Competition

Program                  Mosque Complex

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators         Cynthia Solipaca, Malena Masó and Florencia Feldsberg

The project organizes a series of buildings and singular objects on a continuous matrix mantle based on the modular structure of the existing mosque and the new buildings to the west of the complex. The project integrates the mosque's Prayer Hall, the Summer Prayer Hall that organizes a grid of electronic umbrellas, a new tomb for Al Nouri, a new minaret, and two new buildings that house the complex's institutional programs.

The integration proposed in the project is carried out fundamentally with an organizational matrix that modulates the entire complex. But, in addition, there is a material and ornamental integration that unites the whole. This integration is fundamentally based on the use of existing materials in the area, the reuse of ornamentation recovered from the original complex, respect for the existing structural and structuring form in the complex, and the reconstruction and improvement of what we call singular architectural objects. (like the new minaret, or the tomb of Al Nouri).

The proposal, while preserving the historical remains of the complex as symbolic landmarks, seeks to perfect them without falling into fashion assumptions or trends devoid of content and seeks the incorporation of contemporary techniques and technologies in order to enhance the latent capabilities pre-existing in the Al Nouri complex in Mosul.

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