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Multilayered Square

An active multi skyscraper that responds to programs and activities of squares all around the world


Date                        2016

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Skyscraper

Project team           Santiago Miret, Melisa Brieva and Federico Menichetti

Collaborator           Gastón Hermida

The Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires City is a multi-activity surface. Historically, that square was witness to commercial activities and important political events. In June 11, 1580 Buenos Aires founder, Juan de Garay, established there the symbol of justice. It exists since 1884, but many years before that, in 1816, the Argentinean Independence was declared in that same place, six years after the revolution, which was developed there too, on May 25, giving name to the plaza. Every president was welcomed and farewelled there. Although the square changed over time, it always presented a problem due to the great amount of activities that are developed there every day. Today, the scheme of the square is a generic one. Symmetrical, undifferentiated, homogeneous, impartial. This generic scheme represents an opportunity to explode its potentialities.


Multilayered Square is an active multi-surface that responds to a variety of different programs and activities not only of the Plaza de Mayo specifically, but also of squares all around the world. We can consider The Yokohama Port Terminal as a transport square, or the Mecca as the religious square by excellence. But also we can find governmental squares such as Piazza del Campidoglio, or popular ones like Piazza Navona. In this sense, The Multilayered Square does not pretend to replicate them, but to differentiate the generic scheme of the square producing subsidiary and new activities as an emergence of the project´s process.

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