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Refined Oil Park

A refinery public park for the productive experience


Date                        2017

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Metropolitan Park

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborator           Martín Zemma

The promises of the 1990s that deal with a digital, immaterial world, where physical relationships and material objects would vanish into an abstract invisible network, face a diametrically opposite reality. Each time we produce more and consume more. As the consumption is increasingly explicit, the world of advertising becomes less and less subliminal. However, architecture turns its back on production protocols. They construct landscape, deploy effects, subsume themselves in self organizations that, in their internal processes of feedback, consolidate as perfect machinic artifacts. They work and they are beautiful, terrifying, complex and vast. There have no place for good intentions, styles or intuitions. These mega-productive atrocities have to serve, that is their only condition of existence.


The objective is the construction of artificial landscapes containing projective ecologies which are coming from the studio of energy production protocols, but in which its aims are culturally broader. A project that operates by letting be-known, and not by denouncing or being reactionary. An architectural organization that can handle heavy machinery as well as heavy nature by the assemblage of the vast ecologies of the late Anthropocene.

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