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Saldías Noodle


Date                        2023

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Cultural Center

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators         Lucía Escobar y Patricio Troncoso

The project proposes an elevated park, beneath which a Cultural Center is deployed. In continuity with the Saldías Cultural Pole on San Pedro de Jujuy Street, the proposal aims to reactivate a sector of the City of Buenos Aires with great potential given its connectivity and link with the coastal edge of the Río de la Plata. Likewise, the urban proposal seeks to generate links with the Costa Salguero Park to the North and the Costa Urbana Park to the South, two young ventures in the City that seek to recover the edge of the River and consolidate an increasingly continuous coastal walk.


The highway layouts conspire against the connection of the city with the river, so the Saldías Cultural District seeks to encourage an urban and pedestrian connection between the city to the west and the edge of the river to the east. For this, the proposal includes the incorporation of new bus stops that allow public access in a more agile way, while on the Palermo neighborhood side, the integration of train stations that combines the Miter line with the San Martín line.

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