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Science Park

Active surface for the sciences


Date                        2014

Location                  Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Museum

Project team           Santiago Miret and Federico Menichetti

Deleuze gives a name to the idea of ​​continuity that begins in the Baroque, called "fold". Beyond getting into what the author develops in detail and in relation to the folds in matter and in the soul, I consider it fundamental to dwell on the idea of ​​continuity as a feature. An essence that bases its bases in the Baroque. An artistic piece that could be cited to be clear in this regard is the painting of Diego Velázquez of 1656 titled in 1843 as "Las Meninas". In this painting, Velázquez paints a non-traditional camera scene behind the scenes. Here there is no main figure, but relationships between figures. Relational tensions are what build the picture. All the art of the Baroque has been based on this concept. The idea of ​​theatrical staging, the light, the treatment of the dark clearing, the disposition of the characters, everything attentive to the Renaissance idea of ​​the background and figure, of the composition according to the elements. Now the composition will be based on the relationships between the elements.


The proposal for the Science Park is a field of forces that interact in a complex system of closely binding relationships. Like the Baroque, what is important both in the project process and in the final result is the binding relationship between the elements, rather than the elements themselves. Therefore, focus will be on those invisible circumstances that make the abstract to shape the concrete.

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