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The Cloud

Intervention in the hall of the Konex Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Date                        2015

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Type                        Competition

Program                  Pavilion

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

The project consists of a hanging mantle, which emerges from a mapping of the place according to two variable conditions: The internal fronts of the Konex Cultural City, where special care is taken and the aim is to anchor in those places that present a royal path to allow continuity in the development of the cultural activities of the center. And circulations that emerge from the magnificent sculptural staircase designed by Clorindo Testa and unfold to the different sectors of the courtyard. These circulations determine how much and when the hanging mantle rises or falls on the zero plane without ever reaching it, allowing to place remains appropriate with different cultural activities like recitals, installations, events, exhibitions.


The proposal produce an affectation of the current homogeneous space towards the consolidation of instances of heterogeneity. When illuminated, the mantle will project a dance of shadows and lights, which will alter the perception of the place, making it variable, mobile, unstable and interactive. The artifact seeks to produce an impact on the perception of the individual through the manipulation of a simple effect based on lights, shadows and movement.

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