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Total Tower

An insane integrated Total Tower


Date                        2017

Location                 Undetermined   

Type                        Competition

Program                  Skyscraper

Project team           Santiago Miret, Melisa Brieva and Federico Menichetti

Collaborators         Esteban Javornik, Milagros Barchi and Gastón Hermida

Iconic, emblematic, unique, representative, meaningful, useless, ostentatious, stupid. Skyscrapers are the building typology of exuberance, one more attempt by mankind to put on display their thirst for hedonism. Perhaps the most bizarre attempt. Undoubtedly, skyscrapers are useless artifacts. They serve no specific cause other than that of representation. A skyscraper identifies a city, a country, a man. It is an icon of something else, however, when the building gains that "something else" thanks to its internal complexity, its original way of appearing, its unique span, its superlative character or, simply, thanks to its ugliness, that skyscraper becomes architecturally significant.


The integration system is based on progressive stages. The first of these is the cataloging of 54 architecturally significant skyscrapers in 5 organizational categories. The first is the category of "branch", which catalogs those towers that branch out one or more of its parts. The second is the category of "blocks", which organizes towers formed by successively stacked blocks. The third and most popular category is the category of "repetition", which groups up towers that tend to repeat their internal organization evenly as they grow in height. The fourth category is called "bunch", precisely because it understands those towers that are grouped in sets or clusters of towers. Finally, the category of "grid" brings together the skyscrapers that are understood as grids extruded in height.

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