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Urban Park


Date                        2023

Location                 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Type                        Competition

Program                  Public Park

Project team           Santiago Miret and Melisa Brieva

Collaborators        Camila Preiti, Lucía Belén Escobar y Agustina Benessi

The project is presented as an articulator between the existing natural ecologies in the contest area and the visitors of the park. An urban park on the scale of the edge of the City of Buenos Aires that aims to encourage the proliferation of existing native ecosystems.

Four longitudinal trails that connect towards the center of the proposal and at its extreme edges, with an access path to the west and a dock to the east, fly over meadows populated with native tree species, and generating floodable channels on their sides, where proliferation reeds and marginal forests.

The proposal is a linear urban park that suggests the revitalization of a neglected sector of the City of Buenos Aires, through the construction of a link between nature and human recreational and sports activities.

All the trails are subdivided into two, enabling a strip of pedestrian circulation for the walk, and a strip of hybrid use between bicycles, skateboards, skateboards and runners. Intermittently, widenings emerge on the paths that enable the appearance of squares.

The squares present four types of programs. First, spaces for leisure and recreation with tables and chairs; then, aerobic posts, where machines for light physical exercises are installed; there are also three areas for toilets, which include changing rooms and showers; and finally, playgrounds for children, with climbing games, hammocks and baseball pitches.

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