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Vitruvius´ House

Processes of a villa for XXI century Vitruvius


Date                        2015

Location                 Undetermined

Type                        Competition

Program                  House

Project team           Santiago Miret, Federico Meninchetti and Melisa Brieva

According to Rudolf Wittkower, Andrea Palladio had develop a generative project system that allowed him to design his villas based on a nine square grid. The homogeneous space that resulted from Palladio´s project system was not revolutionary, but the way of producing family variations was. Thus, Palladio was inaugurating the single family home topic in the discipline and also he was inventing the heuristic project.


The project emerges from the stochastic test of the activities variability, in this sense it does not focuses on specific functionality but on the possibility of relationship between activities. Then, the emergent diagram is adjusted to a tectonic and a way of appear (actualization of the diagram). The objective is to build an overcome critic of the rigid classic structure (Palladio), the restricted functionalist focus of the modernists (Le Corbusier) and the syntactic post-modern critic (Eisenman) in order to produce a project for the contemporary house that responds to the exigencies of the Vitruvian triad (Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas) and, at the same time, realizes the habitat modes that results from the contemporary activities of living.

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